7 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Buying and selling homes is big business! According to the National Association of REALTORS, 5.64 million homes were sold in 2020, and 822,000 new homes were built. 

Are you looking at listing your home to join these numbers? It can seem like an overwhelming process at first, but with careful planning and preparation, you will soon be selling your house like a pro.

Whether you look at options for cash buyers or list your home with a real estate agent, there is still work to be done.

Before listing your house, you want to stack the deck in favor of a quick and easy sale. Do these 7 things before listing your house, and you will move before you know it!

No More Procrastinating on Repairs

Now is the time, and there is no more procrastinating for you! It’s time to fix those broken things that you have lived with until now. 

Make a checklist and go through the inside of your home. Be ready to find a lot of things in need of repair! Look for things like:

  • Stained walls and ceilings
  • Broken tiles
  • Scratched floors
  • Chipped paint
  • Cracked countertops

For outside your home, check out the exterior, roof shingles, deck, and driveway. You want to replace any loose railings or floorboards. Not only is it unsafe, but it doesn’t look appealing during a showing!

If you’re not sure about what repairs you need to make, talk to your real estate agent about what needs to be done. Don’t go too overboard on repairs.

While You’re At It, Finish Those Projects

Don’t we all have those ongoing projects we always mean to do, but never get around to? Like installing a ceiling fan or changing plumbing fixtures.

Have you been meaning to paint your bedroom and bathroom? Maybe you picked out a paint color for your kitchen, but put the can in the garage and forgot about it. 

A great secret tip is that your kitchen should come first. There are huge financial benefits to updating your kitchen. People gravitate towards the kitchen first, so the last thing they want to see is a dusty and dated kitchen.

Declutter the Years of Clutter

If you have lived in your home for a long time, then no doubt you have accumulated plenty of stuff. Stuff to clutter up your home. You probably have gotten used to it, but people looking to buy your home won’t be.

You need people to see your home as liveable, and be able to see its true potential. Decluttering can take forever, and there is no secret magic to making it fast and easy.

Start with one room at a time. Make it easy on yourself and sort everything into piles to keep, sell, or donate.

Get Your Curb Appeal Back

Remember, your curb appeal gives off the first impression of your home. This is the first thing people will see. So you want to make it shine!

Clean up the outside of your home. Pick up all trash, make sure your grass is cut, edge all pathways, and trim the shrubs.

Check the exterior of your house and touch up or repaint the trim. You can plant some more flowers for an added special touch.

Move That Furniture

Sure, your furniture works great for you and your family, but it is time to look at your furniture as a tool. A tool to help sell your home. 

Arrange your furniture to make your space look roomy and inviting. Move your couch away from the walls, and place a chair nearby. The idea is to create a gathering area for people. 

Think about removing pieces of furniture completely so there is more space for people to walk around your home. You can do a Google search of model homes to give you decorating ideas.

Fix Your Floors

Take a long look at the condition of your floors. There is no hiding them! Consider a professional cleaning for your carpet, especially if you have pets. If your carpet is over 5-7 years old, it will probably have to be replaced.

Also, your hardwood floors could definitely use a good polish or even refinishing, depending on what shape they’re in.

Clean Like You Never Have Before

You want your home to sparkle like the morning sun. And to smell like a garden of fresh flowers on a warm summer day. 

This is the time for a good, deep cleaning. Depending on your budget, you could hire a professional cleaning service. But if you need to save money, there is no reason you can’t go it alone. 

The key is to make a checklist and go from top to bottom. It’s easy to miss things, so be sure to:

  • Clean the attic
  • Clean and dust ceiling fans
  • Clean and dust ceiling light fixtures
  • Scrub all the walls
  • Polish all woodwork
  • Clean, polish, and vacuum the floors

One thing to never underestimate is the true power of your windows. Windows that look like they aren’t there from the outside can sell your home all on their own!

Listing Your Home

If you’re looking at listing your home, consider contacting Smith Liquidations instead to help you through the home selling process. 

Smith Liquidations can help you sell your home with ease! We will research the details of your home and give you a fair cash offer with no obligation or fees.

With cash buyers, you won’t have to wait for 6 months to a year to sell your home. We are professional, knowledgeable, and respected throughout the community. Make sure to contact Smith Liquidations, LLC today! 

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