Home Improvements to Ensure a Quick Sale

If you’re looking to make a quick sale on your home, the best way to get it is to do a few common sense home improvements. Sure, it costs a little money to upgrade your home. But it’s an investment that will pay off in the form of a quick sale and greater value. 

But which home improvements will get you the best return on your investment? Read on to find out. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint 

You’d be surprised by what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes. Whether you’re touching up some scuffs and discoloration or you’re adding an accent wall, painting a room will give it a whole new feel. 

Consider adding paint to some of the more high-value areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom. These are the places where potential buyers will want to really be able to see themselves. Pick something neutral and easy to cover up, just in case they’re the kind who likes to design on their own! 

Basic Kitchen Upgrades 

The kitchen is the next best place to invest your time and money in upgrading. But you don’t have to do a complete kitchen remodel to make a quick scale. Doing some simple upgrades may do the trick. 

Replace the hardware on your cabinets with something more modern and sleek. Consider adding a smart faucet or simply upgrading the faucet to something more updated. 

Swap out light fixtures, add organization to the cabinets, or update the backsplash. 

Focus your energy on simple, eye-catching upgrades that will give your kitchen a modern, updated look. 

Basic Bathroom Upgrades 

Another great place to spend your time and energy upgrading is the master bathroom. As with the kitchen, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg getting it in shape. Some simple changes can go a long way to making it feel like a sleek, updated space that people will want to spend their time in. 

If you have chipped or outdated tile, pick a weekend to dig into a DIY project to replace it. Upgrade the faucet and give the walls a fresh coat of paint. 

Something as simple as replacing the vanity mirror with a statement mirror could change the entire look and feel of your bathroom for the better. 

Replace Worn Carpet 

If you have worn or damaged carpets, now’s the best time to rip them up. If your carpet is covering hardwood floors, get to work restoring them to their original beauty. If not, considering having hardwood floors installed fresh. 

Nothing beats the classic, timeless appeal of beautiful hardwood floors. Homebuyers often prefer it over carpet. 

If you have a carpet that looks great except for a few places that it needs to be fixed up, take the time to patch it up

Quick Landscape Design 

Curb appeal is another huge factor that goes into a quick sale. Step outside and look at your house from the street. Is it visually appealing? 

You can easily spruce up the look of your home by doing some quick landscape design. And you don’t have to be a professional to do it. 

Trim up any bushes, pull all the weeds, and lay down some fresh mulch in your garden areas. This is a great time to trim your trees and have them checked out by a professional who can tell you if they’re a safety hazard or not. 

If your exterior is lacking landscaping, consider adding some to give it a homey feel. 

Another great investment into your home’s value is adding outdoor lighting. Consider lighting up the back porch, patio area, or even the walkway. It’s a small touch, but it could be the charming addition that potential buyers need to agree to the sale. 

Build a Unique Patio or Deck

Another huge selling point for many homes is the outdoor seating area. If you don’t have a patio or a deck, consider building one. 

Decks can be expensive. But the addition can make the difference between a quick sale and a house that sits on the market for a while. If you have a deck already, take the time to power wash it or freshen it up. 

Adding a patio space doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply adding some decorative landscaping around a concrete sitting area may be enough to create an eye-catching outdoor seating area. 

Add Smart Tech 

Another way to make a home feel modern and updated is to add smart technology. Consider adding a smart thermostat, lighting setup, and keypad door locks. Security cameras and updated fire detectors can also add to the selling power of your home. 

Buyers are looking for security in addition to convenience. Luckily, there are a ton of products on the market today that can add that extra touch to your home without breaking the bank. 

Insulate the Attic 

Insulating the attic can wind up saving you and the future owners of your home a ton of money. Heat rises and during the winter, the attic is the main cause of exorbitant heating bills. It doesn’t cost a ton of money to update or add insulation in your attic. 

If you have a larger attic, consider drywalling it in and creating an extra room as well. It won’t add to the square footage, but it could add another useable room on the listing! 

Want to Make a Quick Sale?

If you want to make a quick sale on your home, your best bet is to start updating now. Look around at the homes that have recently sold in your area. What amenities do they have that you could add to your home on a budget? 

If you want to sell a house quickly, we’re here to help. Contact us today to find out how to sell your house in Wilmington NC fast. 

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