When Is the Best Time of Year to Sell a House?

Selling a home can be both daunting and exciting. But when is the best time of year to sell a house? We have answers to this question and more. With the demand for real estate in North Carolina stronger than ever, now may be the perfect time to sell your home.

From the winter to summer, each season has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling a home. Between the school year and unpredictable weather, we’ll go over each season and its pros and cons.

The sooner your home is sold, the sooner you’ll be moving on to the next chapter in your life. Let’s jump in and see which season is best for you.

The Pros of Selling a Home Quickly in the Winter

In the winter months, you’ll often see fewer houses for sale. This is because the holiday season and the school year are in full swing. This could work to your advantage being one of the few houses on the market. In the winter, you’ll see less competition from other homes.

In the winter, new construction often takes a pause. Colder weather conditions and the holidays may halt construction until spring. This may also help your home sell faster as it won’t have to compete with new builds. You’ll also have less competition for movers and moving trucks during a slower season.

In terms of buyers, you may find people relocating for work after the new year. Someone starting a new job would look to buy in the winter before starting a new position after the new year. You may also find families moving within the same school district able to move in the winter.

If your home needs a little updating and repairs, this is a great opportunity to sell to a buyer hoping to kick off spring with construction. A buyer would have plenty of time to purchase the home and get their plans together for a renovation. In North Carolina, the milder winter provides great opportunities to tour homes and host open houses all year long.

What Makes Spring the Best Time to Sell a House

In the United States, May is the most popular month to move. This is often because the weather is great, people are out touring, and school is almost over. For many buyers and sellers, spring is the best month to move. Keep in mind that movers, moving companies, and construction professionals are also busier in the spring months. 

For a family, spring is one of the best times to look at new homes. With school starting in August, parents will need to secure a school by the summer to secure registration and enrollment. The spring allows a nice cushion of time for people to find what they are looking for.

Selling a home in the spring means the weather is ideal. You’ll have plenty of people out touring homes and going to showings. This is also a time when more homes are on the market. With more activity comes more competition for homes, so this could cause your home to sit on the market a little longer.

While you’ll have more homes to compete with, however, the extra activity could boost the sales price of your home. In a slower real estate market, you have less of a chance of multiple offers or reaching your sales goal. The increased demand seen in North Carolina in recent years could mean an increased sales price.

The Advantages of Selling a Home in the Summer

The summer months are often some of the busiest in real estate. When families with young children are looking to buy a home, the summer is their last chance to make a deal before school begins. The last few months of summer can still provide time for a family to enroll in school and get set up.

In the summer, you’ll also see a lot of construction activity. If your home needs some repairs, this is a great time for a buyer to close on the home and get started with construction. Kids are out of school, the weather is nice, and buyers may be able to finish work before they move in for the school year.

You’ll see more homes on the market and plenty of activity. While this could increase the competition for your home, you’ll also have more homes on the market for sale.

For many first-time buyers, their apartment leases are often up in the summer months. This provides a great opportunity to grab a new homeowner looking to get out of an apartment in time.

The summer is also a great time to showcase the exterior of your home. Your plants and grass are in full bloom and your yard is in peak shape.

You can boost your curb appeal with plants and show off any outdoor living space you have. Potential buyers can see all the possibilities on your deck, patio, or pool when they see it in the middle of summer.

When Fall is the Best Time of Year to Sell a House

If you’re looking to wait out the spring and summer rush, the fall is a great time to sell a house. You’ll likely see fewer homes being listed for sale and less competition in the market. In the fall, you’ll also have cooler temperatures, making showings and tours more comfortable.

The fall is also a great chance for someone to move before the holidays. Buyers can still close and settle in before the holiday rush. This is a great time to reach buyers without school-age children as well. There’s no stress about a school deadline.

In the fall, you’ll also still have plenty of time to showcase your outdoor living space. You can play up a fireplace or fire pit and show how cozy the transition from summer to fall can be in your home. Your yard will still look beautiful with plants and green grass without the sweltering summer heat.

Key Considerations When Listing Your Home

While there’s no right or wrong answer for when to sell your home, this decision is very personal. You’ll want to give some thought to what is most important to you. This could be buying your new home, a move across the country, your sales price, or having your kids finish the school year.

Think about what is most important to you and your family when you list your home. You’ll also want to give some thought to your timeline.

If you’re trying to sell your home fast, a cash buyer taking your home as-is could be the best route. There’s no time spent waiting on the market, showing your home, and waiting for financing.

In other cases, you may wish to put in some work before selling your home. This means allowing time for construction and renovations before listing your home.

You may also need to plan for a renovation budget and contractor timelines. Busier seasons such as spring and summer will have longer wait times for home professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and painters. 

Some homeowners prefer to buy their next home before they sell. This could allow you more flexibility when it comes to when you sell your current home.

For others, they need more time to save for their next down payment and the move. This decision is personal and will be different for every family.

Tips for Selling a House Fast Anytime of the Year

No matter which time of the year you’re looking to sell your home, there are a few easy tips to make the process simpler. To start, if you’ve lived in your home for several years, you can probably use some decluttering. Decluttering does wonders for a home and it’s also helpful to do before you move.

To start decluttering, go through every room in your house including the closets. Make a pile of items you want to keep, items you can donate, and items you’ll put in the trash.

Getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore will make your home appear cleaner and larger. It also gives you a big leg up on packing later.

Everything you plan to keep you can pre-pack neatly back into closets or storage. Donating and tossing anything else will free up a ton of space in your home. You may be surprised by how much cleaner your home looks.

Next, a fresh coat of paint can also do wonders for your home. Paint is an inexpensive way to update the look of your home while giving it a fresh feeling.

Curb appeal is also great for selling your home. Play up the time of year you’re looking to sell your home.

Make the entry of your home cozy and festive during the fall and winter months. In the spring and summer, clean up your landscaping and freshen things up with new flowers and plants. A few little things can go a long way to make your home sell faster.

Easy Marketing Tips Anytime or Season of the Year

Whenever you sell your home, there are a few marketing tricks to help your home sell faster. To start, make sure to use a professional photographer.

Your real estate agent will often coordinate this process. Many home buyers are scrolling on their phones and photos are your first chance to grab their attention. If a buyer sees dark, grainy, iPhone photos, they may keep on scrolling.

Next, make your home as bright as possible. Clean and open all the windows and remove any obstructions.

Change dead lightbulbs and show off all the natural light in your home. The more natural light you have, the larger your home will feel.

When it comes to staging, you’ll want to depersonalize as much as you can. Remember that a buyer wants to picture themselves living there.

Personal items can be distracting during home tours and in marketing photos. Make your home feel inviting and as if someone could move right in. 

Regardless of the season, outdoor space adds major value, so don’t forget to showcase it. Outdoor space is even more important than ever with so many more people working from home and spending more time outside. If you’re overwhelmed with marketing and showing your home, selling your home as-is could be a great opportunity without all the work. 

Choosing the Best Time of Year to Sell a House for You

Choosing the best time of year to sell a house is a big decision. From your family to your budget and the condition of your home, there is a lot to consider. The advantages and disadvantages of each season are different for everyone.

If you’re ready to speak to a professional real estate expert about selling your home, there’s never been a better time. We have options to sell your home without an agent and without listing it on the traditional real estate market. That means no showings, no agent fees, no projects, and less stress on your shoulders.

Fill out the contact form here to get started and to see what your home is worth. We can help you sell your home fast in the winter, spring, summer, or fall.

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